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bot lane terror


bot lane terror

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Dha Sword

  • Dated: early 19th Century
  • Culture: Burmese
  • Measurements: overall length: 72 cm (28-1/4 inches)

The sword has a wooden hilt covered with a silver-metaled plate that is entirely filigree, and a pommel with melon-shaped sides. It features a single edge, curved blade with round back and a wooden sheath covered with silver plate.

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stormeri asked: Can you speak Canadian for me?



I’ll have a large double double

What is a double double? I’m not familiar with that.

Fuck this is so accurate

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade Theme) [Bankai Remix]

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Accepting that bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation is the same as accepting people for who they say they are, even if it goes beyond what you can understand. To deny the legitimacy of bisexuality because it is outside of our own comprehension is no better than the attitude of the many people who have dismissed homosexuality as being nothing more than a phase, a mental illness, or something that can be fixed.

As gay men and women, we do not allow anyone to deny the legitimacy or authenticity of who we are. We are a culture forged in the steadfast belief that we, as people, were born this way. In spite of the many well-organized efforts to dismiss the validity of our sexuality, we stuck to what we knew was true in our gut. So to casually dismiss bisexuals as either confused straight people or homos in hiding goes directly against the logic that we demand heterosexual naysayers to adopt.
— A Second Look At Bisexuality | Tyler Curry for The Advocate  (via gaywrites)
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I can’t appreciate comedic brilliance when I see it???????


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Vriska, the more you like my asks the more I think it’s just you.

Stop being all of my anons. You’re too busy being my headmate I don’t need this much pressure.

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Anonymous asked: Neigh neigh I'm a horsie

Meanwhile, the other ask…

Apologies for the assumptions, and for my incoming racism: You all just look the same to me.

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Now there anon, I’m not going to post that last ask because I do have some common decency (and creativity for that matter). However I must continue to express my disappointment in your lack of creativity.  I mean, I can understand if you’re desperate — some people are obsessed with this fear of dying a virgin — but you can go to jail for far less and still get fucked. I feel anything past minor theft is a bit complicated for you. Have you thought of drunk driving?

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Oh, and if anyone wants to read the stories from my enigmatic 4chan past he’s referring to, you can ask Nat about them. She probably still has the link to it somewhere, I don’t like posting any smut, ironic or not, on my blog. Tell her I sent you.

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