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We have several factors leading into Lord English’s appearance. Yes, his appearance, not him. Remember, Lord English is an indestructible demon that travels through time and space to feast on whole universes. His appearance here in Alternia would be completely different than, say, an appearance in the Human’s session, because the First Guardian was made of a different code.

ANYWAYS, we have four things here that stand out the most. First off, that it is Doc Scratch’s body that served as a HOST for the Demon, to appear when the universe was ending. Secondly, his face is that of LIL CAL, who was important in the creation of Doc Scratch as a first guardian: using his body, specifically. Third, we have a somewhat pirate-y feel to him, as Skipper Plumbthroat, the pirate who hunts the Squiddles. This, I believe, would be a constant across all instances, if we are to believe that Horrorterrors are commonly associated with Squiddles, and that they were being hunted, crying for help to the Derse dreamers: it’s what Skipper Plumbthroat does. This attribute of his appearance (the peg-leg, I mean), reflects that nature. Finally… the HoNk code, which we heard, bellowed from Lord English himself. What about the other parts of the code?

t1ck… t0ck. 

8r8k… h34ds.

Oh my.

Well now we see why Lord English appeared the way he appeared. If I missed anything, feel free to point it out to me, I would be much obliged. 

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    Wait a sec. Lord English Hunts the Horrorterrors? Oh God. Oh God Oh God. Who ELSE do we know who Hunts Things,...
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    Well, remember that the trolls had scratched their universe, resetting it so that they could re-try and have their...
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    /me raises hand If this is true, which it most certainly seems like, is it plausible for the kids to have their own Lord...
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    It all makes sense now…
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